2019 Fashion Resolutions that will refresh your senses and your wardrobe too

Before we bid 2018 goodbye, it’s time to bring out the New Year resolution book to list down what we expect from ourselves in 2019. Now that 2018 is winding down, it’s time to start thinking of how to become a better person in the upcoming year. Make sure that your 2019 fashion resolutions should add a new kind of style, that makes you a bit more sexy, or a bit more minimalist. Since fashion is a form of art and self-expression but by no means a high-stakes topic, what’s the harm in setting some style goals for the year ahead?

In 2018, we lived for chunky sneakers, wide-leg culottes and structured blazers. And if forecasted 2019 fashion trends are any indication, we’ll spend the new year taking this penchant for items that help us take up space to new levels. But while living all the upcoming fashion trends there are some basic and major resolutions which you need to take for 2019. Here are we with a short list for you which will help you in taking your 2019 fashion resolutions.

Go Green


We are all guilty of buying fast fashion, but if there’s one resolution we want to keep in 2019, it’s purchasing style staples from more sustainable and ethical brands. It’s tiny steps like this that will slowly but surely change our future.

Know Your Body Well


Although infusing your wardrobe with an interesting or even extravagant indulgent piece every now and then is more than okay, as it does spice it up, as the years go by, having an established sense of style becomes more and more vital. Add things which suit your style.

Push Your Boundaries


On your next shopping trip, opt for shade or a print you have never gone for. Even if it’s just a timeless sweater with a bold print, taking baby steps will help you push your boundaries and expand your wardrobe. Experimenting will stir up your wardrobe and bring an edge to your new, chic side.

Try Bodysuits


Bodysuits can be anything from casual to sexy – I personally love a slim-fitting lace bodysuit that can be thrown with a tailored co-ord for a little sass or teamed with a skirt and knee-high boots on a night out in the city. It’s a must-have for 2019!

Have you got any resolutions for 2019 – whether it be style-related or more personal? We’d love to know how you want to better yourself in the months ahead. Be sure to share your style secrets with us too!

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