2019 Bag Trends: Fresh From Runways To Kick-off Your Style This Year

New Year, New You? The new it- 2019 bag trends are here, something more fresh and sassy direct from the best fashion runways. Though it’s the starting of the year and we all want to change our wardrobes entirely but that is not this easy. But what can be more easy and quirky by updating your wardrobe with a sleek new shot or a statement handbag that gives a kick to your style look. Even if that statement happens to be teeny tiny. From the belt bags that are here to stay, to boxy style bags which is your take for your perfect look??

From the perfect party clutch to the sleek and practical crossbody, 2019’s accessories have something for everyone, whether you like the glitzy and sparkly or the minimalist, everyday picks. Here are we with the best trends that you need to follow according to your style and requirements. Check out the brands presenting their new collections.

Micro-Mini Bags


Get ready to carry your essentials with you because bags are going mico-mini. You will be lucky if you could even fit your iPhone XS inside your bag.

Looped Handles


If you don’t have the intention of rifling through your bag too many times throughout the day then you might like the looped single-handle that showed up as one of the spring 2019 handbag trends.

The Circle Box


It’s time to change the casual style and bring something extravaganza and fresh to your wardrobes. It’s time to choose circles with vibrant acrylic panels for a fresh take on this ubiquitous style.

Miniature Duffle Bags


A duffle bag made with clasps and leather is a romantic bag for 2019, you can just imagine stuffing all of your earthly belongings into it and rushing off on an adventure.

Let It Be Trasparent


A clear plastic bag is perfect for carrying your phone and a bit of change during a day when you might get splashed with some water. It’s the time that you go for see-through bags as part of the spring/ spring 2019 handbag trends.

Bags in your hands will show your glamour and style this season

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