“Tribe – The Indian Story” 2018 Shantanu & Nikhil Collection was open heartedly showing how to celebrate freedom correctly

One always feels happier when it’s the millennials that enjoy your clothes as it’s hard to impress generation, but the appreciation is always sweeter and warmer when it comes from them. There were a lot of hopes, dreams and ambitions when designers started the brand. Brand believes “.we don’t wish to preach or dictate, we believe that the clothes create the dialogue…..it is a brand for strong men & women who represent a mentality of fighting for what they believe in.” Showcasing their Autumn-Winter 2018 couture collection titled “Independence” in Delhi on Saturday night, Shantanu and Nikhil called it ‘Anti-Trend’ couture. Just scroll our gallery and check some of the most amazing looks who walked the ramp.

The designers say that the collection derives its inspiration from the vintage aspects of India but transcends all the shackles of the past and represents virtues of futuristic cultures and societies. As a brand, Shantanu & Nikhil is based on Indian values and believes firmly in egalitarian affirmations. Both Arjun and Parineeti have established themselves very well as Indian cinema ambassadors, that why they thought to choose them as their show-stoppers.

This year, the designer brother duo marched on to present “Independence”. “It’s the story of India. Gender is becoming more fluid, women’s empowerment is on the rise, and freedom is what we’re really after. A lot of us are looking at finding our own independence, There are purush and prakriti, there’s male energy and female energy, and we use the values of both energies in our clothing, ” says Nikhil Mehra.

The designers seem to have made “Independence” their draping and tailoring playground—happily toying with contrasts be it masculine-feminine or vintage-futuristic. “It’s all about discovering a lost language for us. And in the past couple of years, we were able to decode a new form of couture.

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