2018 Earrings Trend included all pom-pom to heavy metals

There is no better occasion to rethink your wardrobe than the beginning of a new year. From your clothes to your accessories everything needs a change which could really excite you to get ready. This year trend has brought some of the most amazing and surprising things that you will love to carry in your style. 2018 earrings trend is a mix and match which include all the things from transparent to metal and from micro size to supersize. But you can’t disagree the fact that all of them were some of the best pieces that you will love to flaunt according to your mood and outfit. Check out the gallery and see what all you need to update and buy.

This year fashion arrived with a thought that if you are thinking of earrings it has to be more than usual or casual or just anything. The bigger and the weirder,  the better. Swing from Burberry’s chandelier styles to Valentino’s disco-balls. Chanel’s jumbo icicles will surely put a finishing touch on your Instagram selfie. If you feel it is too heavy for you and can only carry it in one ear and leave the other free. You can also play along with two different earrings one bold and one subtle. This jewellery trend is recreating classic styles with some modern experiments.

All you will need is good confidence and you are ready to carry any style. The year ahead is demanding the best of our fashion game.

Your style and fashion is a way to say without words that you are the best in all the senses.

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