2018 Autumn Accessory Trends will give a edgy bling to your look

“Matching your hat to your shoe to your bag or necklace to your earring has a tendency to look dated. Mixing up your accessories add interest to an outfit and can make you look much more modern and polished.” 2018 Autumn Accessory Trends has come up with unnoted unique but stylish dimensions. This year the designers achieved the wow factor via different approaches, whether by referencing art, nature, or the most referenced decade of the season, the decadent 1980s. All these accessories were reimagined from the patterns of old retro styles. Your only motto for this season is to go wild over all trendy earrings, belts, bags, jewellery and hairpins. Just check out all the accessory trends that you need to try out for this coming season and nail your look extravagantly.


Flow Of Autumn Leaves

2018 Autumn Accessory Trends _ Style Gods

Autumn means the fall of old and growth of new. In other words, this season is the beginning of a new and refreshing chapter in the earth’s journey around the sun. Leaves are something of an enigmatic symbol. They are delicate, whimsical, and elusively enigmatic.


Oversized Chain Chokers

2018 Autumn Accessory Trends _ Style Gods

Undoubtedly, chokers are an excellent way to draw attention to the face. Bulky silver and gold links are statement-making in their own right and can easily lend any style an appealing dose of trendy effortlessness and attitude.


Let Me Go With Two Options 

2018 Autumn Accessory Trends _ Style Gods

One of the most visually arresting fall 2018 jewellery trends was two different earring trend. Many of the best fall 2018 runway jewellery offerings featured intricate and magisterial earrings that were showstoppers of the entire show.



2018 Autumn Accessory Trends _ Style GodsGone are the days when you needed to choose delicate bracelets over chunky and extra-sized. Cuff bracelets are a favourite among the stylish set for many reasons, one of the most celebrated being their likeness to a sculptural work.


Shine Like Silver

2018 Autumn Accessory Trends _ Style Gods

Silver was a major player this season, from outfits to heels, you could see models shinning in glamorous silver. 2018 jewellery trends were glamorous, sparkling, and festive reimaginings of the metal.

“For my wardrobe, I like to invest in classic pieces and pair them with more trendy new pieces and accessories each season.”

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