Hey stunner’s!!

Everyone doesn’t have so much of interest and guts to get inked whereever they want to. Some of us are more interested in temporary tatoos which only lasts for 2-3 weeks and that is the amazing fact about temporary tatoos, you get the whole feel of it and also follow the trend.

But today i have something really cool for you: Temporary flash tatoos. Flash tattoos are very much in trend right now and can be removed after 3-4 days of application. In Indian market we have few brands from where we can get them. I personally like the idea of flash tattoos because they look really good and effortless and you can flaunt that you got inked untill someone ask you about their originality. These tattoos can fool everyone from your parents to instagram followers. Everybody would get confused between is it real or fake. These tattoos are safe and are non toxic. You just need to put some baby oil on a cotton pad and rub it to remove and you are good to go. Isn’t it easy pisy!!

So get your flash tattoos and flaunt it as much as you want.


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These tattos will give you flasy and Fancy look. So go get yours.

Bye Bye see you soon …XOXO