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100 Feet Road in Bangalore, Indiranagar: A Fashion/Food Joint

100 Feet Road

100 Feet Road in Indiranagar is all about high-street fashion, food and budget ethnic wear

100 feet road has, over the last few years, turned into one of the most commercially important high-streets in Bangalore. Numerous retail stores, book shops, hotels, restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars have sprung up in recent years. Bangalore has always been known as the ‘Pub City’ of India. Though this was largely due to the number of pubs around M. G. Road. Indiranagar and more specifically Hundred Feet Road is slowly wresting this importance away.

100 Feet Road

Indiranagar 100 Feet Road, over the years has turned into India’s top food beverage hub, setting behind, the Park Street in Kolkata and Hauz Khas in Delhi.

Some prominent international brands have their outlets and stores along this road. Lined with a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and stores, it is emerging as one of the city’s top shopping destinations. An array of ultracool boutiques stock a variety of formal Indian and western clothing, jewellery and accessories.

If one is looking to tick multiple things off the shopping-list, this is the place to head to. Here one can find everything from budget ethnic-wear to high-end bespoke menswear on this stretch between Domlur flyover and CMH crossing road.

The best of brands in fashion and footwear can be found along 100-Feet Road, besides many more small retail formats are coming up.

100 Feet Road

Though, originally conceived for cozy residential living, but amendments to zoning regulations led to a spurt in commercial and retail properties.

The 100 feet road also has restarurants which serve Italian, Vietnamese, Mexican, Chinese, Parsi and Bengali. The stretch has gastropubs, microbreweries, cafes, coffee shops and fast food chains. This probably reflects the diverse mix of Bangalore’s population. A meeting joint for fashion freaks who love to indulge in endless shopping and also strike the perfect bargain for their purchase.