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If you wish for smooth, flawless skin choose a perfect scrub for your skin. Exfoliation is an intense part of skincare regime and without a right kind of scrub you cannot exfoliate perfectly. Exfoliation is defined as the removal of surface dry skin cells. Exfoliation is considered one of the most important techniques that you can perform on your skin to resolve certain skin problems as well as to achieve healthy and glowing skin. 
There are two types of exfoliantes. First, a “chemical” or “acid” exfoliants, which does the work for you. You apply it, leave it on the skin, and it works to dissolve the dry skin cells. These exfoliantes include ingredients such as Glycolic Acid, AHAs and BHA, and enzymes such as Pumpkin, Papaya, and Pineapple. Second, a “physical” exfoliant means that you have to do the work.These exfoliants include facial brushes, sponges, and facial scrubs.  A combination of both physical and chemical exfoliants will give your skin the best results. 
The main job of a scrub is to remove the surface layer of dead cells which is accumulated over a period of time due to pollution, hard water, sun exposure etc. So, today I’ll be sharing the best range of scrubs for women so that you can retain your natural glow forever. Choose the one considering your skin type and enjoy your flawless look.



Price : Rs. 1600



Price : Rs. 5495 (35 Pouches)



Price : Rs. 1600



Price : Rs. 1060



Price : Rs. 1495



Price : Rs. 790



Price : Rs. 1099



Price : Rs. 1095



Price : Rs. 1018



Price : Rs. 841


The goal with your skin is to exfoliate as much as possible, with minimal irritation. The skin likes little boosts but not on an everyday basis. Try these amazing scrubs to make your skin smooth and healthy.
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