Hey Ladies,

Are you troubling with your makeup melting off? Still confused what can really help in setting your makeup in place all day long in warm sunny days. To hide all those fine lines and makeup blunders like large pores and oily face. I have a solution for you that can help you in creating a right canvas before applying your foundation: PRIMER!!. Primers come in different hues according to one’s concern.Green-colored primers will combat redness from rosacea or acne. Mauve/light purple counteracts sallow undertones while pink helps brighten complexions. You just need to figure out which primer is satisfying all your need. whether you have oily skin, dry or combinational skin I have listed few best in quality .. primer is called as ‘base perfector,’ and it helps to smoothen  imperfections on your skin, it minimizes the appearance of pores (pores are those tiny openings that you sometimes see you on your skin), and it minimizes the appearance of fine lines.

It is really simple to apply a primer as all you need to do is take a generous amount of your face massage it well.Then apply your desired product and you are good to go.A primer adds an extra glow or mattifies the skin if it becomes oily.


We have so many tried and tested primers for you which pick for your perfect flawless base.





1.Dermalogica Skin perfect Primer SPF 30  Price: Rs 3685

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2.The POREfessional face primer



3.Lemon aid color correcting eyelid primer



4.Stay flawless 15-hour primer

$ 32 


5. L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer

Price: Rs 950



6.Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer

Price: Rs 1425



$ 36 


$ 39



9.MUA Pro – Base Smooth Set & Prime

Price: Rs 1350



10. MUA Matte Perfect Complexion Balancing Primer

Price: Rs 1100



Personally speaking, all of the above are the best and help you balance your makeup all day long . These are tried and tested, so go grab your primer for a flawless base.