Hello Ladies,
As Sam Levenson says,” Don’t watch the clock do what it does, Keep going “.
We’ll do exactly as he says, we will keep on looking for more ‘n’ more options and get the best one amongst so many brands.
When it comes to categorizing watches, we tend to organize them by the strict purposes as ideally their styles were originally meant for displaying time with a simple dial and band either metal or leather.

But nowadays, we have so many options to choose from and i have spotted few of them from a very promising brand for you all pretty ladies.


The Japanese company, ‘Casio’ which is known throughout the world for its enduring and reliable part of the global revolution in watchmaking industry, as a manufacturer of a number of iconic timepieces.




I. SHE-5518D-7A
1328866819267Price : Rs. 12,995
This amazing watch has Sapphire Crystals in its dial which makes it look even more stunning.
You can pair this one with your ethnic outfits as well as with your daily casuals.

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II. SHE-4514L-1A


1328866819243Price : Rs. 9995

This one has a nice shiny leather band and also the sapphire crystals for hour makers. I personally like watches with leather bands.
You can pair this one with your formals and also with party dresses.

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I. SHN-5010L-4A



Price : Rs. 6295

This one has a cut glass dial with rhinestones studded for the hour makers.
The color of the strap is very trendy yet classy and you can wear this one with a nice maxi dress and also with a black leather jacket.

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II. SHN-5013D-7A



Price : Rs. 6995

This very cute metal strap band watch has a white dial with beautiful pink rhinestones for the hour makers.

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There is one more color option available in this model






I. SHE-3806B-1A


1328907305540Price : Rs.8995

This very pretty watch from casio has a very nice black ion plated band and dial. Also it has crystals used for hour makers and they are not at all extra glittery to make it look like a piece of jewellery.
This one is a must buy as it will look stunning with everything you wear.

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It is available in one more color brown



II. SHE-3803D-7A



Price : Rs. 8995

This new model feature crystals embedded in the center of face and also on the left and right sides of the bezel to create a truly gorgeous look. The perfect combination of elegant design and practical function.
You can pair this one with your casuals and for the ethnic clothes and trust me you really wont need any extra piece of jewellery if you wear it with your party dresses.
And one more thing if any of you gets this one as a gift from your boyfriend then i must say your a lucky one for sure.

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III. SHN-3011D-4A



Price : Rs. 6995

The face features an always popular inlaid star motif and also there are pink crystals placed inside the dial for day makers. This watch looks so cute because of its color and the cut glass used for its dial.
I have always admired the ultimate collection of casio as they make something unique and stunning at very affordable prices.

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There is one more color available for this one.





I. LTP-2087GL-4AV



Price : Rs. 4795

Whenever we think of buying any watch, we never think about experimenting with the colors its always black, white, silver or golden but this watch from Casio is a perfect example that experimenting with colors in case of watches is not at all a bad idea.
It comes with a very cute red color and sparkling bezel looks stunning.

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Three more colors are available


II. LTP-2085RG-1AV


1328801281085Price : Rs. 4795

The stainless steel look with little bit of the copper color makes this watch looks so amazing. This classic watch from Casio is a must buy if your tired wearing the same simple watches.

Buy it here :

Here is one more color available





I. A158WA-1



Price : Rs. 995

This one is a must buy for those who prefer digital display watches over the analog ones, as it comes with a very nice stainless steel band and a square dial.
It has other features like stopwatch, alarm and also has micro-light.

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So, girls choose the best one for you as these are some of the best ones and you can also dig for even more to get the desired one which goes with most of your clothes and suits your personality.